Asian Rubber Futures End a Tad Higher


Asian ended the session slightly higher due to the broadly softer U.S. dollar and an improvement in sentiment after China’s central bank announcement.

The cross-asset rally came after China’s central bank announced over the weekend that it would expand a pilot program to boost banks’ lending abilities.

’ move mirrored improvements elsewhere: the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 3.3% while Chinese firms in Hong Kong led the Hang Seng Index up 1.2%. Brent crude traded up 0.8% at $53.09 in trade after hitting its highest level since July last week.

The Tocom rubber futures were closed during the day session, however. The Tocom benchmark March futures contract ended up 1.1 yen higher at 175.1 yen a kilogram in the night session, which is considered part of the following day’s trading.

                        Oct. 12                  Change from previous close

Tocom    Mar RSS3       CLOSED
Shanghai Jan SCR5       CNY11,790/Ton           Up CNY180
Thai     May RSS3       THB51.80/Kg             Up THB0.15
    Mar RSS3       143 US cents/Kg         Unchanged
    Mar TSR20      129.9 US cents/Kg       Up 1.7 US cents

Asian Physical Rubber

Grade    Shipment      Oct. 10       Oct. 9

RSS3     Nov/Dec       135/136       134/135
STR20    Nov/Dec       134/135       132/132
SMR20    Nov/Dec       133/134       132/132
SIR20    Nov/Dec       128/128.5     127/127.5
SVR3L    Nov           133            132

USS                 THB42.62/Kg              THB41.91/Kg


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