Mixed trend in spot rubber on Oct 16


Mixed trend in spot rubber on Oct 16KOTTAYAM, OCT 16:

Physical were mixed on Tuesday.

The undercurrent was weak reflecting the overall sentiments in the market.

But sheet finished steady at Rs. 183 a kg, as quoted by the traders and the Board.

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According to observers, the grade managed to sustain at the prevailing levels on supply concerns and as the domestic futures improved marginally on fresh buying and short covering.

The November series improved to Rs 182.50 (Rs 181.33), December to Rs 183.58 (Rs 181.75), January to Rs 184.75 (Rs 184.35) and February to Rs 185.60 (Rs 182.18) a kg for RSS 4 on the National Multi Commodity Exchange.

RSS 3 (spot) closed marginally higher at Rs 170.32 (Rs 170.30) a kg at Bangkok.

The October futures increased to ¥ 250.5 (Rs 168.20) from ¥ 249.8 a kg during the day session but then slipped to ¥ 250.3 (Rs 268.03) in the night session on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange.

The rates in Rs/kg are as follows: RSS-4: 183.00 (183.00); RSS-5: 175.00 (178.00); Ungraded: 167.00 (169.00); ISNR 20: 163.00 (164.00) and Latex 60%: 119.00 (120.50).

Source: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/agri-biz/mixed-trend-in-spot-rubber/article4003001.ece


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