ExxonMobil Chemical launches its first Chinese edition of the synthetic lubricant base stocks formulations guide


Houston, TX – ExxonMobil Chemical will launch its new Lubricant Base Stocks Formulations Guide in Chinese edition for the first time at this year’s International Lubricant and Technology Exhibition (Inter Lubric), held in Guangzhou’s Poly World Trade Expo Center from September 24-26, 2013.

As one of the largest synthetic base stocks suppliers, ExxonMobil Chemical is committed to help lube marketers develop innovative lubricants needed to meet increasingly challenging performance requirements. “We are proud to say that ExxonMobil Chemical has been participating in the China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition since 2004. China is an important market for us, and participating in key industry events like the Inter Lubric is a good opportunity to highlight our technology leadership. In order to meet our goal of helping customers develop new advanced synthetic lubricants, we are launching the first Chinese edition of our Synthetic Lubricant Base Stocks Formulations Guide at Inter Lubric this year,” said Brad Rinderknecht, synthetics global marketing manager, ExxonMobil Chemical. “This guide, together with our dedicated technical expertise in China, can help our customers in China and Pacific to develop differentiated synthetic lubricants.”

In this formulation guide, ExxonMobil Chemical has included “The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040,” which highlights ExxonMobil’s long-term views of the global energy future. The formulation guide also shows how to use synthetic lubricants to meet various application challenges. is a handy resource to quickly identify the performance characteristics of ExxonMobil Chemical’s entire synthetic base stocks family, SpectraSyn, SpectraSyn Plus advanced PAO and SpectraSyn Elite metallocene PAO, Synesstic alkylated naphthalene (AN), and Esterex esters.

To demonstrate commitment to the lubricant industry, ExxonMobil Chemical Synthetics is building a new mPAO plant in Baytown Texas and expanding its Baton Rouge, LA, facilities to produce Group V synthetic base stocks. Global supply of SpectraSyn Elite mPAO, Esterex esters and Synesstic AN will ramp up at these two new plants in 2014. Visitors to ExxonMobil Chemical’s booth can learn about its advanced synthetic base stocks at its customized moving gears display created specially for Inter Lubric 2013. In addition, public seminars on “Improving Energy Efficiency with SpectraSyn Elite mPAO and Innovation with Synesstic AN” will also be conducted by ExxonMobil Chemical’s Technical Specialist at Booth A02 for customers and show visitors.

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