On March 12, Shanghai Taibang natural rubber offer was stable


On March 12th, Hujiao continued to fluctuate slightly, and the price of spot glue did not change much.

Shanghai Taibang International Trade Co., Ltd.:

Shanghai Library, 17 years of Yunxiang full latex offer 11650 yuan / ton, Baodao full milk offer 11500 yuan / ton, 3L latex offer 11500 yuan / ton, 17 years of Hongmanli smoke tablets offer 13300 yuan / ton;

Qingdao Library, 17 years of Baodao full latex offer 11,500 yuan / ton;

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Tianjin Library, 17 years of Baodao full latex offer 11400 yuan / ton, a large amount can be discussed.

Ningbo library, 17 years of Vietnam 3L latex offer 11,500 yuan / ton.

Translated by from http://www..org.cn/newsdetail/48011.html


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