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At the supply end, the main producing areas in Southeast Asia are in low-yield areas, the supply of raw materials is tight, and the inventory of processing plants is not high. The raw materials are actively stocked, the price of raw materials is strong, the price of US dollar cargo is firm, and the internal and external plates are upside down. The gas is weak and the rainfall in the production area is concerned. In the domestic market, the spot market, the futures disk oscillated downward. On April 1st, the rate was lowered, the import fell, the traders slowed down the shipping pace, the spot market traded well, the tire factory raw material inventory decreased, and there was a certain replenishment demand. In the production area, the Hainan production area is still cut, and the Yunnan production area is cut at the end of the month. Basis, mixed rubber 05 contract basis is near -500, fast strength, market turnover is good, part of the tire factory stocking raw materials inventory, pay attention to the tire factory inquiry, the whole latex base difference is 1905 contract premium 750, full latex base The difference is narrow and fluctuating, and the transaction is general. It is necessary to continue to pay attention to the basis trend of the spot and the strength of the transaction. The price difference, the 9-5 spread is at 270, a small increase, the 1-9 spread is pulled to 1200 or more, you can try to intervene in the positive set. Substitute, the spread of natural rubber and synthetic spreads fluctuated within a narrow range, the supply side was under pressure, the market was weak, and the downstream demand increased in general. The short-term synthetic is expected to be weak. On the demand side, the operating rate of the tire factory was stable overall, and some manufacturers issued price increase announcements, which drove the dealers and retailers to take the goods. Some manufacturing, construction sites and mines started to increase, and tire demand increased. The load is at a reasonable level. In the short term, the inventory pressure of most manufacturers is not large. Some manufacturers have low raw material inventory and have certain replenishment demand. In the short-term, due to the reduction of the VAT rate, the negative disk price, the fundamental changes have not changed much, pay attention to the rainfall in the production area and the trend of 1-5 spreads. The operation suggests that the Tianyou 1905 contract will wait and see.

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