Synthetic rubber itself has limited improvement in supply and demand structure


At present, the overall improvement in the is limited. The price adjustment of the main supplier’s supply price is basically in line with market expectations. The local market inquiry has improved, but the actual transaction is still generally normal, and downstream purchases are still relatively common. However, it is worth noting that the current rebound in the prices of butadiene and styrene, as well as the strong shock of natural , provide some support for rubber.

In terms of raw materials, as of the weekend, the macroeconomic aspects of styrene have gradually spurred the downstream market. And the recent port shipments have improved, the small long holiday is coming, and the anticipation of the downstream replenishment has been enhanced. For this reason, the market has been oscillated, and the market in the late market has risen. Butadiene, due to the suspension of export sales in Northeast China, plans to stop next week, merchants generally rose, the market wait and see mood is strong, but the local downstream receiving goods is still cautious.

The mainstream price of natural rubber in the spot market is relatively stable. Affected by the Qingming holiday, the market wait-and-see mood increased, and the trading atmosphere was dull. However, in the market, raw material supply is tight and some processing plants are closed. For this reason, the market is firm and supports domestic prices.

In the downstream aspect, the operating rate of tire manufacturers remained basically stable. However, the explosion incident in Jiangsu had a great impact on the tire factory. The price of raw materials for rubber additives was higher, and the price of natural rubber was firmer, which further increased the production cost of the tire factory. The tire factory is very cautious in purchasing.

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To this end, we can see that the current supply and demand structure improvement is limited, but the multiple benefits of raw materials and natural rubber will still be conducive to the support of prices, for which it is expected that will be stimulated by raw materials to stimulate stability in the short term. Pick up may be.

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