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Summary: Most of the rubber products are whole milk, 3L, tobacco, butyl, -butyl and neoprene. In terms of raw material prices and ratios, companies with stricter export quality control will not be replaced at will, and most companies can replace them when the price difference between styrene-butadiene-Vietnamese rubber exceeds 500. The requirements for environmental protection are strict, and the operation of small factories is more difficult. The government intends to support large-scale factories. The sales volume of orders is relatively stable or slightly better than last year, but the sales of natural rubber such as 3L are slightly weaker this year. The price is basically flat, and the replacement amount of 3L for the synthesis is slightly reduced. The raw material inventory of the factory is mostly in a week or so. It is mainly purchased from Sanmen or Linhai traders. It can be delivered in 1-2 days. It basically maintains the state of use, and the price will be relatively stable. It will continue to be lowered after June and July. .

First, the product company A-main track

Founded in 1985, the company has been engaged in the production of tape and rubber tracks for nearly 30 years, with half of the company’s domestic exports. The raw materials mainly include domestic natural rubber (Hainan Baodao), and domestic No. 5 rubber (mainly purchased Yunjia No. 5). There is an alternative relationship between the two, mainly depending on which price is decided. The average daily consumption of natural rubber is 20-30 tons, and the monthly consumption of rubber is nearly 1,000 tons. Secondly, the raw materials are styrene-butadiene (Vitai), Shun Ding (no brand requirement), and the monthly consumption is 600-800 tons. The procurement method is mainly for delivery, and the settlement period is about one week (about one week). Because the performance stability requirements of products exported to are relatively high, 3L is not considered as a substitute for natural rubber, and the ratio of raw materials is generally unchanged.

At present, the total raw material stock is more than 400 tons, the natural rubber is more than 200 tons, and the remaining styrene-butadiene is more than 200 tons. Generally, the inventory will be higher before the . In January this year, the inventory of natural rubber was 700-800 tons, and the inventory is now controlled in a week.

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Second, the product company B- main triangle

The company was established in 1988. It covers an area of ​​over 50,000 square meters and has a construction area of ​​30,000 square meters. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, with domestic and foreign trade assets exceeding 100 million yuan.

The main raw materials are: whole milk (Hainan Baodao), styrene-butadiene (Qilu 1502), and cis-butyl. It consumes 30 tons of milk per month and synthesizes 200-300 tons, which is about 1:10 consumption ratio. The stock of common raw materials is about 30 days. When you are cheap, you can pick up a little more. Each time you purchase 50-100 tons, the factories will also transfer goods to each other, so sometimes you can prepare more than you consume.  inventory is also 20-30 days. In terms of sales, the annual trade volume is 300 million yuan, and the export of products accounts for 70%. It is mainly exported to Brazil, , and . It has no impact on Sino-US trade wars and double-reverse. This year, orders are better, and the company will compare. Focus on raw material quality and stability.

Third, the product company C- main triangle

Main triangle tape, raw materials are mainly tobacco, Vietnam 3L, butyl benzene, chloroprene, tobacco, Vietnamese glue and styrene-butadiene (Qilu, Yangtze) monthly consumption of glue is 70 to 80 tons, neoprene 50 to 60 tons . When the price of styrene was high last year, it would be replaced by Vietnamese rubber. The replacement amount of tobacco and chloroprene will not change in the replacement of about 10 tons per month. Raw materials will now have a week of standing stocks. I think the price is relatively difficult now, and there will be no more stocks. Prices will fall in June and July, so the current single purchase volume is 10 tons, mainly from Sanmen local or coastal traders. More goods will be prepared before, with a single purchase volume of 30 tons.

The products are sold domestically and domestically, and domestic sales account for 70%. The products are mainly exported to Pakistan and the . The company’s turnover last year was 1.5 billion. The order situation this year is relatively good, with a growth of about 20% year-on-year. The major companies have new funds to buy shares and have a listing plan, so the funds are relatively abundant, the equipment is updated, the company’s image is improved, and the order volume is increased. Obviously improved. At present, the inventory of finished products is about 20 to 30 million, about one and a half months.

Fourth, natural rubber, synthetic rubber traders

The company is mainly engaged in Vietnam 3L, Shun Ding, carbon black, neoprene, reclaimed rubber, etc. The customers are mainly in Sanmen area, and the whole milk is less, because the company’s customers need only tens of tons of milk per month. The 30-ton turnaround cycle for whole milk is too long. The company’s annual trade volume is around 100 million yuan, and its profit is stable at two or three points.

The company generally prepares for one week of inventory. It purchased more from Ningbo in the past year. After the year, it mainly purchased from Wenzhou. Basically, today’s purchase will arrive tomorrow, so Tianjiao will not prepare high inventory. If Sinopec raises price, it may be Will be more in advance. Purchasing 100-300 tons of 3L glue in Vietnam daily, and purchasing more than 2,000 tons in one month. The company’s procurement is directed to the Shanghai port container directly shipped, saving the cost of loading and unloading and loading and unloading, and the logistics cost is low.

The consumption of natural rubber is not much different from that of last year. The sales volume of 3L may be a little lighter this year. On the one hand, the stock of raw materials is relatively low. On the other hand, for the product factory, the price difference of styrene-benzene-3L exceeds 500. Will replace each other, this year 3L and synthetic rubber fundamentals flat water, so 3L replacement of styrene-butadiene is reduced, the amount is slightly shrinkage. In addition, has little effect on natural rubber, mainly because it replaces the amount of neoprene. For example, the company may do two or three thousand tons of neoprene last year, and this year is more difficult. First, the price of is low, and on the other hand, all indicators are better than neoprene.

In terms of reclaimed rubber, there are profit margins, but the competition is more severe. The company has a factory to rent and produce a V-belt. The original rubber dosage is 20% (Vietnamese rubber and styrene-butadiene), and other reclaimed rubber. The company also has a trade in reclaimed rubber, which is mainly shipped to Heilongjiang. Therefore, the environmental impact is relatively small, but the transportation is far away and the transportation is uncontrollable. Therefore, the reclaimed rubber turnover of the warehouse is slow, and it is necessary to maintain the inventory for about 10 days.

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