Natural rubber tapping process goes smoothly


From the end of March to April, it was the opening period of the domestic producing area. Recently, the Xishuangbanna producing area and the Hainan producing area in Yunnan were successively cut. The previous weather was dry and the powdery mildew in some areas had limited impact on the process. It is expected to be after the . Production is expected to increase significantly. The main producing areas in southern and are expected to be cut in early May, and will gradually increase from May to June. If the weather in the production area is good, the amount of glue produced will recover faster.

In terms of domestic inventories, the inventory of the previous period and Qingdao Bonded Area is still at a high level. According to the survey, the inventory of Kunming Wangjiaying warehouse in the previous period has reached 180,000 tons, the state-owned warehouse is basically full, and the private warehouse is around 80%. In addition, as the cargo arrives in , the inventory of Qingdao will continue to rise. Overall, the domestic rubber market has a dominant inventory of 1.6 million to 1.8 million tons. The author believes that before the domestic destocking pressure has not been significantly relieved, it is difficult for Hujiao price to open up the upside.

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