Natural rubber production in the world’s January-February fell by 5.8% in 2019


In 2019, global production in January-February fell 5.8% to 2.138 million tons.

On April 24th, Hujiao fluctuated slightly, and the spot market price of was lowered by 50 yuan/ton. Qingdao market, 17 years of Baodao whole milk offer 10850 yuan / ton, cloud elephant whole milk offer 11,000 yuan / ton, Sinochem whole milk offer 10900 yuan / ton, Jinfeng whole milk offer 10950 yuan / ton.

Inventory: As of April 19, the previous period of the natural rubber inventory of 443,100 tons, warehouse receipts 42.425 tons, this week, natural rubber stocks increased by 2,000 tons, inventory is still high, the pressure is huge. It is reported that with the arrival of cargo in , the inventory of will continue to rise.

In the early stage, affected by the weather, the stage of production cuts in the global production area, the warehouse warehouse receipts and stocks did not decline, or the actual consumption was generally; and with the new season opening, the premium pattern is still maintained. Late exchange stocks will be difficult to reduce.

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