Iran Claims To Have Video Evidence Of Oil Tanker Attacks


Iran has claimed that it has footage of last week’s attack on its while off the Saudi Arabian port, and it proves that the attacks were carried out by Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the , according to Mehr news agency, who quoted Abolfazl Hassan Beigi, Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission member.

This , Hassan Beigi said, will be provided to the UN and Security Council.

“Saudi Arabia and the U.S. are trying to put the blame on the ISIL [Islamic State] or the Taliban for the attack, but the documents dismiss such a notion as no ISIL or Taliban terrorists are present in the Red Sea,” Hassan Beigi said, adding that both ISIS and the Taliban were created and sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday, in his first media conference in over a year, that the attack on the tanker would not go unpunished, adding that it was “carried out by a government” rather than an individual.

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Rouhani stopped short of naming that state actor, however. Related: Iraq’s Return To Oil’s Top Table

“If a country thinks that it can create instability in the region without getting a response, that would be a sheer mistake,” Rouhani said.

The Iranian tanker, the Sabiti, was attacked last Friday in the Red Sea, damaging the vessel and causing oil to spill into the water. The Sabiti belongs to the National Iranian Oil Company.

The attack on the Iranian oil tanker follows the 14 attack on Saudi ’s oil infrastructure that took offline nearly 6 million bpd of production. in the have been flaring up as the United States continues to sanction Iran’s oil industry for noncompliance with the deal.

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