The revised natural rubber futures contract and related implementation rules


Recently, the Natural Contract and its related implementation rules were revised simultaneously. Each registered brand manufacturer will uniformly change the outer bags and certificates for SCR WF used for the delivery of natural . The original outer packaging bags and certificates will be discontinued from November 1, 2019. The logo remains the same.

It is understood that GB/T 8081-2018 natural rubber new national standard is an alternative to the old national standard GB/T 8081-2008 standard, which mainly includes three aspects: one is to change the requirements of packaging to direct reference standard; grade rubber code “SCR” and description; Third, the test method of natural rubber performance test has been individually revised, but the performance requirements and specific values ​​of natural rubber of each grade have not been adjusted.

In the transition period between the new and old national standard switching, the outer packaging of the natural rubber futures delivery standard in the previous period is arranged as follows: Since November 1, 2019, the natural rubber futures registered brands are produced by the processing enterprises of the production enterprises. The domestic SCR WF glue packed in the bag can be used for futures delivery. The domestic SCR WF glue produced after November 1, 2019 and packed in the old bag should not be used for futures delivery. Among them, the standard warehouse receipts have been generated before November 1, 2019, and can continue to flow until the expiration of the expiration date; the natural rubber futures registered brands of the processing enterprises of the respective manufacturing enterprises are produced in 2019, packaged in the old packaging bags and not yet in the warehouse. The domestic SCR WF glue of the warehouse receipts allows it to be completed before June 2020 (excluding) and generate standard warehouse receipts. The excess period cannot be used for futures delivery.

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