Can rubber continue to go up after adjustment?


At present, the main bullish logics are: production cuts, Sino-US are expected to reach an agreement, monetary easing, heavy truck is still there. Downside risks: Sino-US negotiations have broken down and trade disputes have deteriorated, causing prices to continue to fall. Domestic macro-risk events.

Japanese continued to rise steadily, and the upside momentum was sufficient. The domestic Hujiao market gradually moved upwards, gradually moving away from the recent shock range, and then attacking the mid- high and 60-week line pressure. The large-scale bottoming market basically appeared, short-term There is still room for upside after a small adjustment.

In the case of rubber lightening, there was a of falling and falling. The hit a 12260 high before the break and failed. However, the daily line still maintains a rebound pattern. Next, pay attention to whether it can increase the position and break the platform to open the rising window. It is worthy of ’ attention.

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