The rubber opened low and the price fluctuated slightly


Disk situation: RU2001 opened lower and oscillated, and the closed slightly lower. The day closed at 12105, compared with 0.29% on the previous trading day; the trading volume was 511744, the position was 320498, -7486; the basis was -505, +155; the Ru1-5 month spread was -160, +5.nr2002 was closed at 10130 on the same day. -0.39%; trading volume 8390, position 30122, +224; basis -565, +63; nr2-5 spread -195, +5.

News: 1, ITRC: affected by the disease, the output of the three major rubber producing countries is expected to reduce 800,000 tons this year. 2. Imports of US from continued to in the same period last month. 3. Malaysia’s rubber import and export volume in September fell by the same period.

Market price: Shanghai market 18-year state-owned whole milk (cloud elephant) quoted at 11600 (+150) yuan / ton; Vietnam 3L offer 11400 (+0) yuan / ton; Thailand No. 3 tobacco sheet 14250 (+150) yuan / ton Yunnan 19 years full latex 11350 (+0) yuan / ton. Thailand’s Hat Yai raw materials market raw film 38.1 (-1.29) baht / kg; Thai three smoke tablets 39.9 (+0.29) baht / kg; field glue 38 (+0) baht / kg; 33 (+0.1) baht / kg. SMR20 Qingdao Free Trade Zone warehouse warehouse price increase 1350 (+5) US dollars / ton; SIR20 Qingdao Bonded Area warehouse warehouse price increase 1350 (+5) US dollars / ton; STR20 Qingdao Bonded Area warehouse warehouse price increase 1365 (+10) US dollars / ton. Synthetic rubber: The market price of styrene-butadiene rubber 1502 in Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. in East China is 10,400 (+0) yuan/ton; the market price of butadiene rubber is 10,600 (+0) yuan/ton.

Warehouse receipt : ru warehouse receipts 432,290 tons, +5110 tons; nr warehouse receipts 0 tons.

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Main positions: ru2001 top 20 long positions 73034,-691; short positions 106824,-1514. Both long and short are reduced, and the clearance is reduced.

Summary: At present, both domestic and foreign production areas are in the rubber cutting period. Although the recent increase in rainfall in Thailand affects production, with the arrival of the strong supply period, the supply pressure in the future is still relatively large. Last week, the construction of Shandong enterprises slightly rebounded, but the northern part of the autumn and winter season was subject to environmental protection supervision, and the operating rate rebounded or limited. In the terminal market, heavy truck sales continued to improve. Near the end of the year, the elimination policy of trucks of the national three and below stimulated the demand for new cars in the heavy truck market, which supported the consumption of natural rubber. Technically, Hujiao ru2001 contract has increased intraday volatility, and the pressure around 12300 is obvious. The short-term proposal is to trade in the 12000-12300 range; the nr2002 contract is short-term recommended to trade in the 10100-10300 range.

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