Tokyo market technical decline


The Tokyo morning RSS2004 contract opened at 179.6 yen, up 0.7 yen from the previous trading day. The TSR2005 contract opened at 148.9 yen, unchanged from the previous trading day. The USD/JPY exchange rate was around 109.267 in the morning.

Yesterday’s Tokyo rubber rallied back yesterday, and it oscillated slightly at a high level yesterday. In terms of the macroeconomic , a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday that the first phase of the Sino-US negotiations reached a consensus on the phased deletion of the previously imposed punitive , which made the risk bias in the financial market further improved, although The market as a whole showed high price pressures, but as the dollar-yen exchange rate came to a five-month high, Lido Tokyo rubber . Due to the upcoming high-yield period, the rise in has promoted the of the production area.

In terms of spot, the November FOB price of No. 3 tobacco on November 7 was around 45.12 baht, down by 0.06 baht from the previous trading day. The No. 20 standard November FOB price was around 40.52 baht, down 0.28 baht from the previous trading day. The USS spot price was around 38 baht, up 0.14 baht from the previous trading day.

From a technical point of view, the RSS far-month contract price seems to be insufficient after the 180 yen line above the line. From the perspective of the change in positions, yesterday’s March contract significantly reduced the position, and the April contract opportunity did not change, due to the recent high price oscillations. In the short-term, I have more to settle the market. As the main contract of Shanghai Rubber also fell back after the high, the rubber market as a whole is expected to usher in a wave of corrections on the weekend.

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At the close of Tokyo on November 7, the spread between the 2004 contract and the Shanghai 2001 contract (Tokyo-Shanghai) was -83 USD/ton.

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