Small rubber adjustment


Viewpoint: The adjusted slightly in the night. RU2001 closed at 12,775 points, down 0.23%. 2002 closed at 10835 points, down 0.55%. In terms of market, the peak production period in has gradually begun, and the of raw glue has remained stable. On the domestic front, in December, the cut-off period was gradually entered, and prices of and finished products strengthened. After the was concentrated out of the warehouse in November, pressure decreased, and the market was conducive to short-term bullish speculation. However, due to the lower spot increase in and mixed , which has dragged down the rise of , it is expected that will continue to fluctuate upward and rise at the bottom.

In terms of trading strategy, rubber maintains an upward , and more than RU2001 can hold positions. However, if the increase is large and it hits 13000 points, then more orders will be taken to close the profit.

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