In the short term, the price of butadiene rubber may continue to rise slightly


I. Trend analysis

According to the monitoring of the business agency data, the price of domestic rose slightly last week (11.18-11.22). The price at the beginning of the week was 10875 yuan / ton, and the price at the weekend was 10950 yuan / ton, a slight increase of 0.69%.

Second, market analysis

The stable ex-factory price of petrochemicals, coupled with the rapid rise in natural , has formed a certain support for the price of butadiene rubber. Stable ex-factory price of petrochemicals: Last week (11.18-11.22)) the ex-factory price of domestic butadiene rubber petrochemical manufacturers was stable. As of November 22, Northeast Sales Company’s butadiene rubber price was stable. Currently, Daqing’s out-of-warehouse price is 10800 yuan / ton Jinzhou Shunding executes 10,800 yuan / ton; PetroChina Northwest Sales Company’s butadiene rubber price is stable: Dushanzi Shunding Co., Ltd. raises the price at 10850 yuan / ton, of which 50 yuan / ton is the storage fee; North Sales Co. Stable. At present, Qilu Shunding reported 10,800 yuan / ton, North Kuo raised prices; Yanshan Shun Ding reported 10,720 yuan / ton, North Ku raised prices.

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Rubber imports in October fell month-on-month, which is beneficial to butadiene rubber: According to data released by the General Administration of Customs of China, China ’s imports of natural and (including latex) in October were 500,000 tons, compared with 546,000 tons last month. Down 8.4%. China’s total imports of natural and (including latex) from January to October were 5.213 million tons.

The price of fell slightly: the price of butadiene fell slightly, and the cost of the butadiene rubber dropped. According to the business agency monitoring, butadiene this week was 8634 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and 8590 yuan / ton at the weekend, with a slight of 0.51% overall.

Third, outlook

Business analyst Xu Xiaokun believes that although the price of upstream raw material butadiene has fallen slightly, the price of natural rubber has increased rapidly, and the price of butadiene rubber has been boosted in the short term. It is expected that the market will continue to rise slightly in the later period.

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