The pattern of rubber shocks continues


Disk situation: RU2001 lighten up incrementally, futures prices closed up slightly. The day closes at 11855, which is + 0.3% over the previous trading day; the volume is 255244, the positions are 340276, -5772; the basis difference is -655, -30; the Ru1-5 month spread -195, +5. 2002 closed at 9985 on the day, which is + 0% over the previous trading day; trading volume was 4346, positions were 28322, +326; basis spread was -543, -69; 2-5 spread was -195, -10.

News: 1. Egypt launched anti-dumping investigation on Chinese tires. 2. Thailand ’s natural rubber exports continued to fall in September. 3. ANRPC: In the first half of 2019, global natural rubber production fell by 8.3% year-on-year.

Market quotation: The 18-year state-owned whole milk (yunxiang) price in Shanghai market is 11,200 (+0) yuan / ton; Vietnam’s 3L price is 1,1200 (-50) yuan / ton; Thailand’s third tobacco sheet 13,850 (+0) yuan / ton ; Yunnan 19100 full latex 11100 (+0) yuan / ton. Raw film in Thailand’s Hat Yai raw material market is 37.4 (+0.31) baht / kg; Thai three tobacco flakes are 39.8 (+0.2) baht / kg; field glue 37 (+0.3) baht / kg; 31.5 (+0.3) baht / kg.

20 Qingdao warehouses raised a price of 1,330 (-10) USD / ton; SIR20 Qingdao warehouses raised a price of 1,320 (-10) USD / ton; STR20 Qingdao warehouses raised a price of 1,335 (-10) USD / ton. Synthetic rubber: Qilu Petrochemical styrene-butadiene rubber 1502 in East China has a market price of 10,400 (+0) yuan / ton; butyl rubber has a market price of 11,100 (+0) yuan / ton.

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Warehouse receipt inventory: ru warehouse receipts are 411,210 tons, +2300 tons; nr warehouse receipts are 0 tons.

Main positions: the top 20 long positions of ru2001 are 78552, -2165; the short positions are 114971, -1141. Both long and short decrease, and headroom increases. At present, domestic and foreign production areas are in the tapping period, and Southeast Asian supplies have increased significantly. A major rubber planting area in Thailand has been attacked by fungal outbreaks. However, according to industry , local production accounts for a small proportion of Thailand’s total , so the actual impact is limited, but Pay attention to the spread of mycosis in later stages. After the holiday, the operating rate of Shandong enterprises has increased significantly, but environmental protection supervision in the north in autumn and winter will restrict the start of factories. In terms of terminal market, affected by the Wuxi viaduct incident, domestic on overload and overrun will be more stringent, but the increase in sales brought by Zhichao has been overdrawn in 16 years. In addition, after October, car sales have entered a low season, and the terminal market demand in the later period The increase is limited.

Technically, the main contract of Rubber 2001, on the daily line, after getting a certain support at the bottom, the bulls began to rebound and rise. The power of the bulls continued to make a certain amount of rebound for the rebound. During the bears, they tried to suppress the bulls’ rebound. Power, as the bulls bounced back by the support of the trend support line below, it is particularly prominent, it is recommended to maintain the bulls attitude today.

Be an honest and objective person in the market forever, neither bully nor self-deceit. The firm guide search and pay attention to every daily newspaper, sincere dialogue with the market, love the market, learn to be a friend of the market. We must take the protection of capital as our first goal, be brave enough to admit mistakes to the market, and do not pay unnecessary losses for a misjudgment. The most important thing in the market is the ability to survive, as long as there is an opportunity. Find fun in the process of trading. Always believe that you are the best. Only you can control your own destiny in the market.

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