India: Spot rubber remains steady


Spot continued to remain neutral on Monday. RSS 4 was quoted steady at Rs.130.00 a kg by . The grade finished unchanged at ₹126.50 and ₹130.50 per kg respectively according to dealers and the Board. The lost its direction amidst dull volumes.

The ended on a steady note during the last weekend session as there were no genuine buyers or sellers in the local trading houses to set a definite in the market. According to observers, the tyre makers preferred to sideline the market as they were comfortable with their stockpiles.

The December futures firmed up to ₹133.07 (132.18), January to ₹134.35 (133.40) and February to ₹136.97 (134.88) per kg on the Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX). .

RSS 3 (spot) improved to ₹110.70 (109.64) per kg at . The December futures weakened to ₹109.21 (110.04), January to ₹108.22 (109.65) and February to ₹111.49 (112.40) per kg on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange ().

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rates (₹/kg) were:

RSS-4: 130.00 (130.00)

RSS-5: 127.50 (127.50)

ISNR 20: 119.50 (119.50)

and Latex (60% drc): 89.50 (89.50)


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