Rubber hype dilutes expected shocks


Viewpoint: shocks during the night, RU2005 closed at 12860 points, up 0.9%. 2003 closed at 10910 points, up 1.03%. In terms of market, Southeast ’s production areas have entered a peak production period. From the current rainfall situation, the weather is basically normal and production capacity is gradually released. Domestically, affected by the warm , Xishuangbanna has not stopped cutting. Capacity release in Hainan is normal. In the midstream, futures remained low, spot trade was not active, and the ability to accept high was not strong. Overall, after the rise of rubber, the market’s buying has weakened. The price of synthetic rubber is relatively weak, and there is pressure to accumulate mixed rubber in the future. At the end of the year, the are tight, and the ability to push up the spot is weak.

In terms of trading strategy, short-term natural rubber is expected to fluctuate at a high level. RU2005 can be held short and trade in the short term. The mid-term 12000-point support is strong, and can be long.

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