Thailand plans to reduce rubber planting area


On Thursday, prices rose sharply. The main RU2005 contract closed at 13,200 yuan / ton, up 455 yuan / ton, or 3.57%, and positions increased by 42,422 lots. The 2003 contract closed at 11,185 yuan / ton, up 385 yuan / ton, or an increase. 3.56%, positions increased by 1,730 hands. According to QinRex news, the Thai government said on Wednesday that the Thai cabinet has approved a 20-year plan under which the country will reduce its rubber plantation area by 21% in order to more than double rubber exports. In terms of spot prices, today’s mainstream spot prices in the spot market in Jiangsu rose. The reference is as follows: 17 years Yunxiang full latex 12000-12150 yuan / ton, 18 years Baodao whole milk is 11950-12050 yuan / ton, 18 years Yunxiang, Guangken full latex 12050-12200 yuan / ton. In 18 years, the reference price of 3L in was 12000-12150 yuan / ton, and the price of Thai RSS3 # tobacco chip was 14550-14600 yuan / ton. The sales data of heavy trucks in November was close to 100,000, which continued to increase year-on-year, and the terminal improved. The of all latex warehouse receipts on the exchange fell below 160,000 tons, and the production area in Yunnan entered a cut-off season, so the overall and warehouse receipt growth pressures have eased. At the same time, we need to pay attention to whether Thailand’s output reduction expectations and downstream demand improvement expectations can be confirmed at the end of the year. Operational recommendations, long orders can continue to hold.

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