Rubber prices fluctuate slightly during the closing period


Disk situation: RU2005 lightens up and shrinks, the futures closed slightly down. The day closed at 12960, which was -0.08% over the previous trading day; the volume was 314444, the positions were 443192, -5160; the basis spread was -760; the Ru1-5 month spread -320. 2003 closed at 10790 the same day, -0.46% over the previous trading day; volume 6646, positions 35592, -644; basis -459; 3-4 -110.

News: 1. State Council: Encourage local governments to optimize the management of vehicle purchase restrictions. 2. Thailand ’s rubber exports in November continued to increase month-on-month, down 20% year-on-year. 3. According to the statistics of Longzhong Information, the operating rate of steel tire manufacturers last week was 59.42%, a decrease of 5.87% from the previous month and a decrease of 5.98% year-on-year. A year-on-year decrease of 9.80%.

Market quotation: The 18-year state-owned whole milk (yunxiang) price in Shanghai market is 12200 (-150) yuan / ton; Vietnam’s 3L price is 12250 (-100) yuan / ton; Thailand No. 3 tobacco sheet 14450 (-150) yuan / ton ; Yunnan 19 years full latex 12300 (-50) yuan / ton. Raw materials in Thailand’s Hat Yai market are 39.9 (+0) baht / kg; Thai three tobacco pieces are 41.49 (+0) baht / kg; field glue 35.7 (+0) baht / kg; 34.3 (+0) baht / kg. SMR20 Qingdao Free Trade Zone warehouses raised 1470 (+10) USD / ton; SIR20 Qingdao Free Trade Zone warehouses raised 1470 (+15) USD / ton; STR20 Qingdao Free Trade Zone warehouses raised 1480 (+15) USD / ton. : Qilu petrochemical styrene- rubber 1502 in East China has a market price of 11,000 (+0) yuan / ton; butyl rubber has a market price of 10,800 (+0) yuan / ton.

Warehouse receipt : ru warehouse receipts are 226,250 tons, +600 tons; nr warehouse receipts are 1,613 tons, +605 tons.

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Main positions: The top 20 long positions in ru2005 are 99303, -224; the short positions are 150408, -9; Nr2003’s top 20 long positions were 15435, -32; short positions were 16,722, -14.

Summary: At present, domestic production areas are in a cut-off period, and is still in a period of strong . The output situation is worthy of attention. Affected by environmental factors, some tyre manufacturers in Shandong area have limited start-ups, and their operating rates have declined from the previous month. They are currently in the autumn and winter environmental strict investigation stage. Enterprise start-ups will be affected irregularly. In addition, due to weak demand, traders will be more cautious in purchasing. Manufacturers’ orders have decreased, and there is little room for improvement when starting . In terms of terminal market, sales of heavy trucks continued to improve. Near the end of the year, the policy for the elimination and update of diesel trucks of the third and below countries stimulated the demand for heavy trucks to buy new vehicles, which supported natural rubber consumption. The ru2005 contract fluctuated slightly, and the short-term focus on the pressure near the 13000 front line was temporarily wait-and-see; the nr2003 contract was short-term recommended to trade in the 10700-10950 range.

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