Rubber maintains strong shock


Viewpoint: The adjustment of shocks during the , RU2005 closed at 13,155 points, down 0.08%. NR2003 closed at 10950 points, up 0.14%. In terms of market, the accumulation rate of natural rubber futures was lower than the same period last year. At the same time, it is at a low level in recent years and has strengthened its role in supporting futures prices. The pressure of war in the eased, fell sharply by 4%, and pressure on chemical products is expected to have a negative impact on rubber. At present, natural rubber is in the domestic cut-off period, and prices are in a strong stage. During the peak season of the raw material area in foreign countries, the prices of finished products are under pressure.

On the whole, natural rubber has maintained a strong and volatile pattern in the expected and maintained an upward in the medium term. In terms of strategy, natural rubber is expected to have strong shocks. RU2005 contracts have more than one position, the protection of the 5-day moving average, fell below the liquidation.

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