Crude oil prices in the Middle East cause rubber futures prices to rise slightly


Benefiting from the unstable situation in the , the sharp rise in indirectly led to a slight rise in futures . At the same time, better-than-expected sales of heavy-duty trucks on the demand side also boosted the popularity of the bull , increasing the willingness to push up and weakening the of shorts. In the past week, the Hujiao 2005 contract showed a trend of stopping and rebounding.

In the past week, the volume of Hujiao 2005 contract slightly decreased, and the holding volume remained stable. Among them, there were more and more air-drops in the top 20 seats. Exchange position data shows that the number of positions in the top 20 positions increased slightly from 99,323 hands on December 31 last year to 101,072 hands on January 8, a cumulative increase of 1,749 hands; positions in the short top 20 seats increased from 12 last year The number of 150,408 hands on January 31 decreased slightly to 149,942 hands on January 8, a cumulative decrease of 466 hands.

As the recent demand data was better than expected, positive factors dominated and encouraged bulls’ confidence, while the resistance of shorts weakened, and net short positions fell. Looking at the number of closed positions, the net short position in the Shanghai Jiao Futures 2005 contract decreased slightly week-on-month, from a small headline of 51,085 hands on December 31 last year to a small headline of 48,870 hands on January 8, a net decrease of 2215 hands, a decrease of 4.34% .

On a single-day position, on January 8th, the Shanghai Jiao Futures had a long and short position that increased by 20 positions, among which the long positions increased by 647 hands and the short positions decreased by 427 hands.

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Of the top 20 long positions, 14 have increased their holdings and 6 have reduced their holdings. In terms of increasing holdings, the number of CITIC futures seats and Guohai Liangshi’s seats increased first, increasing by 652 and 644, respectively. At the same time, the number of Yong’an futures seats, Founder’s mid-term seats, Galaxy futures seats, SDIC Anxin seats, GF futures seats, Zhonghui futures seats and Hongyuan futures seats increased significantly, increasing by 417, 213, 409, 324 Hands, 385, 107 and 125. In terms of reductions, Haitong’s futures seats were the first to be reduced, with a significant reduction of 1,177 contracts. At the same time, the number of Guotai Junan seats, Nanhua futures seats, Zheshang futures seats and international seats were significantly reduced, reducing 509, 674, 315 and 143, respectively.

Among the top 20 short positions, there were 11 reduced positions and 9 increased positions. In terms of reductions, Yongan Futures had the largest reduction in its holdings, with a significant reduction of 536 contracts. At the same time, the number of CITIC futures seats, Guotai Junan seats, Galaxy Futures seats, GF futures seats, Xingzheng Futures seats and Topix futures seats were significantly reduced, reducing by 274, 307, 393, 121, 152 and 91 hand. In terms of holdings, in addition to the significant increase in the number of Haitong futures seats, Huatai futures seats and Nanhua futures seats, 1,032, 113, and 249 hands were added, and the remaining seats increased their holding limits.

From the change of long and short positions, it is found that some main seats have experienced a number of flips. Although the number is limited, they are worth investors’ attention, for example, Yongan Futures, CITIC Futures, Galaxy Futures and GF Futures. In view of the ongoing geo-fermentation, the continued increase in oil prices has led to a substantial increase in the financial properties of energy-efficient , which has indirectly driven the center of gravity of the price of rubber. At the same time, the increase in airborne positions has helped the Hujiao 2005 contract to continue its trend.

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