Rubber above the trend line is still in a shock cycle


Spot :

Yunken SCR-WF spot price is 12800; Yunken SCR-5 # (spot) price is 11700 yuan; Yunken SCR-10 # (spot) price is 11400 yuan; Thai No. 3 tobacco sheet is 14,500 yuan; The factory 3L quotes 12,800 yuan; the country’s five major factories, Thailand’s current mixed quote 12,600 yuan; private water-washed small cigarettes quote 11,700 yuan; citron 11100; styrene butadiene 11100. Butadiene was quoted at 8,200, down 300.


Thai government spokeswoman Rachada Dhnadirek said on Wednesday that the Thai cabinet has approved a 20-year plan under which the country will reduce its rubber plantation by 21% to more than double its rubber exports.

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Thailand is the world’s largest producer and exporter of rubber. The country’s rubber accounts for about 40% of the global total.

In November, China’s auto production and sales were 2.593,000 and 2.457 million, respectively, a 13% and 7.6% month-on-month increase (compared with the previous month); production increased by 3.8% year-on-year.

There are currently no clear upward drivers. Should not be overly optimistic.

are low in the medium to long term. Nor need to be pessimistic.

The overall fundamentals of rubber are not strong enough.

The price of rubber reflects that the spot determined by China’s high inventory is difficult to rise. Demand is stable, slightly pessimistic in the future, and expectations of a substantial reduction in

Superimposed are expected to rise at a lower level in 10 years.

Rubber warehouse receipt 231750.


Technically, the rubber index is above the 60-day line and is entering a large late rise period. Structurally, rubber is still fluctuating.

to sum up:

The main bulls increase their positions and the shorts reduce their positions. Butadiene fell 300 and remained low. Futures are still holding short positions. Car sales figures are starting to improve. Technically, rubber is above the trend line. Futures are still on the spot. As delivery approaches, rubber will be suppressed by the spot. Rubber is currently above the trend line. Before the delivery in 2001, there was still ample supply of cash, and the current futures premium was large, and the futures registered warehouse receipts increased. Rubber 05 will still be suppressed by the spot. In terms of large structure, rubber is in the rising cycle, but short-term prices will still be repeated, increasing positions in the night, the price is more resilient, and the trading atmosphere is too high.

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