Low rubber buyback


rebounded slightly in the night, RU2005 closed at 13235 points, down 0.48%. NR2003 closed at 10950 points, down 0.36%. In terms of , the recent drop in rainfall in Thailand, the began to pay attention to the weather and drought factors, to give the conditions for speculation. Recently, the upstream raw material prices have risen slightly, the processing plant has good production , and the processing enthusiasm is high.  in the bonded area fell slightly this month, and the general trade warehouse increased slightly, and the storage plan continued to increase. The factory gradually went on holiday after a small year. The purchase of just ended gradually, and the spot trade was weak. The accumulation rate of natural futures is lower than the same period of the same period, and price support is strengthened. Overall, still maintains a strong shock pattern.

In terms of trading strategy, natural rubber maintains a mid-term upward judgment, and short-term retracements can increase long positions, with a later target price of 13,600 points.

Translated by Google Translator from http://www.cria.org.cn/newsdetail/52663.html


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