India: Spot rubber remains bullish


Spot rubber continued to remain bullish on Wednesday. 4 improved to Rs.138.00 (137.00) and Rs.137.00 (136.00) per kg respectively, according to and the . The grade improved to Rs.133.00 (132.00) per kg as reported by the Dealers. The ended in the positive zone on purchases, while the was driven by acute short supplies.

The February futures weakened to Rs.138.00 (138.36), March to Rs.139.14 (140.35) and April to Rs.142.15 (143.12) per kg on the Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX). The near month February contracts were down by 0.26% with a volume of 2 lots and total value of 2.76 lakh.

RSS 3 (spot) firmed up to Rs.109.04 (108.27) per kg at . The February futures declined to Rs.92.79 (93.73) while the March futures improved to Rs.109.67 (108.68) and April to Rs.115.64 (114.33) per kg on the ().

Spot rubber rates (Rs/kg) were:

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RSS-4: 138.00 (137.00)

RSS-5: 132.00 (131.00)

ISNR 20: 117.50 (116.50)

and Latex (60% drc): 85.50 (85.50)


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