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China: Natural rubber purchasing and storage to 60,000 tons before end of the year

China: Natural rubber purchasing and storage to 60,000 tons before end of the yearTo the source, the number of purchasing and storage before the end of the year to 60,000 tons, the price of 24,600 yuan / ton, to buy from the spot market; the rest will start next year, the price of monthly average futures price plus 300 yuan per ton. Up to now, the relevant departments from Hainan State Farms purchasing and storage of 20,000 tons, purchasing and storage of thousands of tons from the other two units.

Shanghai natural rubber futures main 1305 contract rose 1.43 percent to 24,195 yuan / ton in the 15th, the 1301 contract rose 0.97 percent to 24,480 yuan / ton. Natural rubber offer on the spot market, the Shanghai area in the 15th stable and slightly rising domestic rubber prices high strong, traders do not want low-cost shipping. Hainan state latex rubber offer 23,700 yuan / ton, the Yunnan state-run latex old rubber offer 23,400 yuan / ton.

According to the China Securities Journal reported, the industry analysis at this stage constraints rubber price trend of the main factors is weak fundamentals, specific performance of the appetite for the high inventories and lower demand, especially the Free Trade Zone stock climbing again after a short fall in the pre-and the short term The rubber prices constitute suppress. However, China’s Yunnan Province has begun to enter the stop cutting period, Hainan Province will be in mid-December or enter the stop at the end of the cut in the period; Vietnam and Thailand, in the northern region will be the end of January early February next year to enter the stop cutting period. Therefore, as of December natural rubber supply pressure will be eased.

The latest report of the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries, reduced supply and increased demand on the basis of international markets a variety of rubber varieties moving average price rose sharply in October. Bangkok STR20 and RSS3 are Jiaojia qoq increase of 7.5% and 7%, respectively, Kuala Lumpur the SMR20 and Latex Jiaojia chain rose 7.9% and 6%, respectively, India RSS4 Jiaojia also ring up more than 3.6%. Nevertheless, the world’s largest rubber producer and exporter, Thailand on the 15th still says, the country has joint Indonesia and Malaysia will be held in December, to discuss the stability of rubber prices method. Indonesia and Malaysia are the world’s second-largest and third largest rubber producing countries. In August, the three countries agreed to limit exports to support rubber prices.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/11361.html

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