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Rubber fell on concerns demand downstream (Nov 28)

Rubber fell on concerns demand downstream (Nov 28)Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) indicators rubber futures fell on Tuesday, the Thai government plans to expand to buy rubber, investors are still worried about weak demand, especially in China’s demand. The TOCOM new indicators May rubber futures contract reported 259.1 yen per kilogram, the former benchmark April contract fell 2.6 yen, or 1.1%, to 257.2 yen per kilogram.

It is reported that the Thai government has purchased 170,000 tons of rubber stocks in the next few months, the government officials hope to speed up the acquisition speed. According to the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture said that the current 17 million tons of natural rubber are smoked rubber, before the end of March next year, they will not let the consignment inflows City Normal In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture of Thailand in the next week recommended to the Cabinet expenditures 25 billion baht continue to buy natural rubber and lease a storage capacity of 41 tons warehouse to reserve their acquisition of the rubber.

Shanghai rubber futures under pressure, the main 1305 contract closed at 23,860 yuan / ton, down 490 yuan. Disk, with the forthcoming Chinese Central Economic Work Conference, the Chinese market’s bearish temporarily come to an end. Late natural rubber the main 1305 price the bottom of the range is expected to appear in 23500-24000, and the prices in the spot boost expected higher volatility.

Spot market, East China domestic full latex 23,550 / ton (-50) (old glue can not do warehouse receipts); 24600 (+0) the rubber mesh milk Hainan turnover; Yunnan no transaction. Qingdao Free Trade Zone Price: Thailand 3 smoked rubber offer of $ 3,035 / ton (+0); adhesive dollars offer $ 2900 / ton (-25) in the 20th, fold 21337 yuan price (-191). The Thailand Health the film 80.05 (+0.17), styrene-butadiene East China offer off the 20th glue dollars cost 2775 (+8) 16600 / ton (+0), Shun lost East offer 17,600 yuan / ton (-550).

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/11582.html

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