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Shanghai rubber resistance appeared vulnerable adjust

Tuesday, Shanghai rubber up weak trend gradually into vulnerable technical correction order was then Tandi case stays and shallow sites picked up, Shanghai rubber became the main reason is that high regional shocks finishing:

Cumulative increase, Shanghai rubber continuing unilateral rose sharply, face more heavy technical pullback pressure, empty square suppress triggered the long speculative funds taking the initiative, resulting in Shanghai rubber rally weakened, and high regional shocks finishing.

Domestic natural rubber spot and futures are under immense pressure to suppress Shanghai rubber vulnerable callback.

Temporary solution to the crisis in the American financial cliff, Fed easing will exit at the end of 2013, the United States face a financial debt ceiling and other heavy news, the dollar is turbulent, finished lower, re-test the 80 first-line support role. Market outlook, the U.S. government fiscal spending reduction and debt ceiling issues such as the lack of proper settlement of $ still be adversely affected; ECB recently to discuss 2013 continue to cut interest rates to stimulate the economy, the Japanese economy is likely to continue for a prolonged slump, the Fed number round of QE may be faced with the withdrawal of other factors, will support the long-firmed, thereby the daily glue and Shanghai rubber a double role.

The data show that the U.S. December non-farm payrolls rose by 15.5 million people, an increase of 14.5 million expected; correction of the non-farm payrolls in November, an increase of 16.1 million, the initial growth of 14.6 million people. The U.S. unemployment rate in December was 7.8%, and is expected to be 7.8%, the former value correction of 7.8%, the initial value of 7.7%, the unemployment rate higher dollar uplink Difficult.

Improved domestic economic indicators, RMB macro side tends to improve, depreciation pressure subsided, low probability of devaluation; However, the slowdown in China’s exports, low-cost competitiveness weakened, weak overseas economies, sluggish external demand, exports difficult to pick up, difficult to the sharp appreciation of the RMB. The resulting natural rubber is difficult to rise sharply.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/20/12252.html

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