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China: Natural rubber market dynamics (February 17 – 22)

Last week (February 17 to 22, 2009), the outer disk bad as well as domestic natural rubber market weak demand, the continuous decline in the market price of natural rubber futures. Affected, the overall trend of natural rubber spot market remains in the doldrums, prices fell sharply, sluggish demand, the volume is not significantly improved. International the gum City in Southeast Asia producing areas of the market price of natural rubber outer disk dropped substantially producing areas of Thailand gradually entering stop cutting period, natural rubber futures prices fell sharply after the Spring Festival, the downturn in the downstream market demand. As of last weekend, Thai smoked rubber RSS3: $ 3100 ~~ 3120 (t price, the same below), the Thai standard rubber STR20: 3020 ~ 3040 dollars, Standard Malaysian Rubber SM20: 3020 ~ 3040, the Indonesian standard rubber SIR20: 2960 ~ 2980 dollars, latex Thailand: 2100 to $ 2130, the Vietnamese standard rubber SVR3L: 3130 ~ 3150.

Domestic natural rubber producing areas continue to stop cutting prices to maintain a higher level, the Yunnan area the state full latex SCRW offer about 25,500 yuan, Hainan producing full-the latex SCRWF offer price of about 25,500 yuan.

North China: Yunnan the full latex CRWF market quoted at 25,200 to 25,400 yuan the standard rubber SCR10 22,600 to 22,800 yuan, the price fell. Downstream factories have started, but the operating rate is not high, the poor end demand, the market traded flat.

East China: Yunnan the full latex SCRWF market quoted at 25,000 to 25,200 yuan, Hainan full latex SCRWF 25,000 to 25,200 yuan, the the downstream factory operating rate, thinly traded market.

Shandong Province: full the latex SCRWF offer in the 25,000 to 25,200 yuan. The spot market is thinly traded, factory operating rate decreased demand. Affected by futures vulnerable, Free Trade Zone, the spot rubber prices fell sharply. The decline in futures market weakness affecting the confidence of the market, unable to drive the Free Trade Zone, turnover improved downstream the factory demand remains limited, the Free Trade Zone inventory remains high, the region thinly traded.

Northeast region: spot prices continue to remain weak, the market demand is still talk, currently full latex SCRWF market mainstream offer 25,500 to 25,600 yuan, turnover is limited.

South China: market remain weak, Hainan full the latex SCRWE offer in the 24,800 to 25,000 yuan, domestic rubber prices follow futures market weak shocks, physical demand is still relatively light, difficult to deal high-priced markets doctrinal wait-and-see mentality.

Sales areas in the market domestically produced the full latex SCRWF Price:

North China: Tianjin market 25200 to $ 25800; Hengshui market 25,300 to 25,900 yuan; Shijiazhuang market of 25,400 to 26,000 yuan.

East China: Shanghai market of 25,200 yuan to 26,000 yuan; Hangzhou market 25,000 to 26,000 yuan.

Shandong Province: Qingdao market of 25,000 to 26,200 yuan.

South China: Fuzhou market of 25,300 to 26,000 yuan; the Guangzhou market 24,800 to 25,800.

Northeast China: Shenyang market of 25,500 to 26,200 yuan.

Outlook forecast: last week, the domestic rubber futures fell sharply, the postganglionic natural rubber market is still holding the downturn trend, Hujiao upside suppressed, may be vulnerable in the 25,000 to 25,500 yuan in the near future shock. The downstream rubber enterprises have started to drive a certain market demand, but due to limited demand, the the full latex SCRWF price difficult to rise, coupled with natural rubber high inventory, the domestic rubber high prices of the spot market is still difficult transactions, recent natural rubber market will continue to be weak shocks .

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/17/13042.html

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