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Rubber short-term pressure on the stock continued to fall

February 22, Shanghai rubber shock weakening main contract RU1309 fell 50 to 25,035 yuan, a net decrease of 19.6 thousand hands full day’s total volume to 21.8 million contracts, positions flat to 15.9 thousand hands .

The morning of the 25th, the contract continued to fall, fell 325 to 24,710 yuan for the time being, the half-day hands with a total volume of 20.6 million, a net increase of 12,000 hand positions to 17.2 million contracts.

Dong Jingjiao Apart from 89.6 to 298.6 yen rose sharply in August, and the remaining decline -0.5/-2.1 yen, short and long term contracts on the price of running to the 281-299 yen zone, half-day volume of 0.6 million hand positions of 27,000 hands, trading flat.

International producing areas of the spot prices were mixed, Thailand glue spot price rose by 300-305 cents / kg to 305-306 cents / kg, Thailand 20 plastic spot price from 305-306 cents / kg dropped to 302-303 cents / kg, Indonesia 20 glue spot price rose by 291-292 cents / kg to 292-293 cents / kg, the glue spot price of Malaysia on the 20th from 300-302 cents / kg dropped to 300-301 cents / kg.

Thailand natural rubber raw material markets were mixed, the spot price of USS3 rubber edged up 0.46 baht to 83.25 baht / kg / kg, raw film stock price edged up 0.22 baht to 81.09 baht / kg / kg, the field the glue fell sharply 2 baht / kg to 78 baht / kg.

Singapore natural rubber market rose across the board, including the 3rd glue-active March contract rose sharply by 3.9 cents / kg to 304.8 cents / kg, the 20th standard rubber-active March contract rose sharply to 3.9 cents / kg to 298 cents / kg .

Domestic producing areas were not traded at an average price of 23,965 yuan Haikou trading floor pending order, pending order of 630 tons, no transaction, the average price of 25,400 yuan Kunming trading floor pending order, pending order of 150 tons, and has not traded. Consider the production and marketing areas bids for the relationship, although the average transaction price of the producing areas of the spot showed RU1303 latest price of 24,000 yuan liters of water, at the same time, resulting in low volumes due to weak consumption.

Sales areas, rose, Shandong latest spot price of 24,600 yuan, 24,800 yuan, the trend is relatively stable.

The negative factors are still strong, continue to fall Shanghai rubber.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/13024.html

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