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Goodyear goes for paperless patent management

SAN MATEO, Calif. (Feb. 28, 2013) — CPA Global Ltd.’s First To File (FTF), a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based intellectual property (IP) management technology, has signed on Goodyear.

The Akron-based tire maker has implemented FTF’s Electronic File Room (EFR) software to manage its patent data. The technology is “playing a pivotal role to help Goodyear create a completely paperless environment” prior to moving into its new global headquarters in Akron in March, according to CPA Global.

Since the company’s new office will have limited space for paper files, it needed to change file storage and document workflow to eliminate paper. Also, San Mateo-based CPA said Goodyear recognized using FTF would help reduce cost, errors and improve efficiencies, while paperless patent processing “supports Goodyear’s commitment to environmental responsibility.”

CPA said Goodyear will deploy FTF’s Agent Access Portal to reduce “the significant administrative overhead associated with inbounding documents from foreign associates.”

Bruce Hendricks, associate general counsel at Goodyear, said that until the company implemented FTF, “we were working with a lot of paper. With First To File, that is changing fast. First To File’s tri-fold interface feels familiar and we are getting up to speed quickly. When we move in March, we will not transfer paper patent files. And, our team will be able to store and retrieve documents seamlessly, from anywhere.”

Kurt Wedel, FTF’s vice president of operations, said Goodyear’s quick and successful implementation of EFR “will be instrumental to their commitment to have a paper-free workflow. The IP-specific automation and efficiency our technology provides, combined with its online access from anywhere, makes it an ideal fit for corporations and law firms wishing to modernize their IP data management.”

Source: Tire Business

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