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Latex concentrate arrival of short-term market pressures are not reduced

Bullish sentiment for the commodity market before the holiday gathering so many people hold expectations for the market outlook, market not only did not usher in the opener when a lot of people look to the holiday market occasion to continue to dampen the holiday back rubber market, sculptors wave 10 % continuous decline hit a large number of participants in a surprise, the overall holiday weak outer disk, in particular, a stronger yen and QE’s early exit is expected confidence in the market impact is not small, the bull capital quickly turn around, resulting in the collective frustration of the commodity.

Latex on the spot market, on the one hand the traders hands postganglionic basically have the goods to Hong Kong, on the other hand downstream factories in the pre more or less ready for more than 1-2 months of inventory is not high in the factory on the spot spot market monk little porridge more situation. Compared barrels of speculative property, space packages to better reflect the needs of downstream of the actual spot transaction bleak, most of the downstream plant workers place basically Lantern Festival ends before it reaches the full sense started, the postganglionic the circulation very slow since the spot, the middle The providers in our hands, is tantamount to the hot potato almost said on the goods to the edge of a field to die, in order to fight for the few orders bargain with each other is inevitable, leading to relatively low market atmosphere.

Latex total imports reached 318,000 tons in 2012, a year-on-year growth of 17.5%, especially the end of the fourth quarter of 12-year and 13 the beginning of a greater amount of imports, so the short-term the main problem lies in the supply of concentrate, and the demand does not follow up synchronization, causing circulation under Road poor, need time to digest these goods, in fact, from the point of view of foreign producing areas of raw materials, stop cutting has not, as before the expected delayed for a few weeks, the next seasonal reduction in supply is strong support for the price, supply and demand imbalance in the second quarter will gradually be repaired, and even the arrival of the peak at low tide in May and June, the new gum is cut open due to weather factors lean situation occurs frequently in the past also. Overall, inventory and arrival pressure, peripheral slow economic recovery, and domestic recent real estate regulation strengthened bulls capital driven speculative forces will be weakened, and the prices are mainly focused on the supply and demand sides of the contest on short-term pressure, However, follow-up and demand through a certain time to digest inventory, including the global economy the main theme is still in the context of recovery, the next Utah can be expected.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/13160.html

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