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March 4, butadiene rubber parity index of 107.36

March 4 butadiene with butadiene rubber parity index of goods for 107.36, unchanged from yesterday, compared with 128.25 points the highest point in the cycle (2012-03-04) fell by 16.29%, the lowest point compared to June 10, 2012 86.19 points up 24.56%. (Note: The cycle 2012-01-01 – present)

March 4, butadiene rubber parity index of 107.36

Note: parity index for the period on the results of the the downstream commodities daily price than the fixed base index.

The day of butadiene reference price to 14,800.00, up 25.728 percent since 2012-12-16 from 79 days in succession. Downstream commodity butadiene rubber reference price for the day of 17,742.86, up 7.532 percent since 2012-12-13 from 82 days in succession.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/13172.html

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