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Natural rubber into the destocking phase short rallies

Futures Overview

March 4, Shanghai rubber shock down, the main contract RU1309 fell 30-223935 yuan, a net decrease of of Hand 8.4 million to 37.2 million hand full day’s total trading volume, open interest net increase of of Hand 0.3 million to 18.5 million hand .

Dong Jingjiao rose across the board.

Spot price

Singapore, March 1, Asian spot rubber prices fell on Friday, touching a two-month low dragged down by the TOCOM rubber. Market sources said, the supply is tight, but the price speculation in danger. Thailand, a trader said: “to the cost of sales is lucky,” he added, exporters often hedge in the futures and spot market arbitrage to profit. Sailing to Thailand in April, smoked rubber RSS3 changed hands on the 3rd at 2,970 U.S. dollars per ton, FOB (FOB) basis, buyers for Bridgestone; sailing the Thailand standard rubber tire class STR20 May traded at U.S. $ 2,850 per ton, and shipped to Tokyo tire manufacturers. The smoked rubber RSS3 newspaper Thailand 3 March / April shipment of 300-302 cents per kilogram, the previous day to 306-308 cents per kilogram. March / April shipment the Thai standard rubber tire class STR20 reported 293-295 cents per kilogram, the previous day at 300-302 cents per kilogram. The Indonesian standard rubber tire class SIR20 reported in March / April shipment of 285-286 cents per kilogram, the previous day to 291-292 cents per kilogram. March / April shipment Malaysian standard rubber tire class SMR20 cents per kg 293-295, at 302-304 cents per kg the previous day. Vietnamese natural rubber SVR3L of reported March shipment of 309 cents per kilogram, the previous day of 310 cents per kilogram.

BANGKOK, March 1, of Thailand USS3 rubber spot price Friday per kilogram of 78.40-78.89 baht, on Thursday reported 79.40-79.53 baht per kilogram.External to the central market, the the factory prices paid about 83 baht per kilogram. The rubber in Thailand three central market sales total 63.7 tonnes and 39.2 tonnes on Thursday.

Market news

According to Indonesia, “Handelsblatt reported, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia International Tripartite Rubber Council, said rubber prices continued at $ 3 / kg, rubber exports will continue to decline. The Council said that the to reduce export one of the aims is to improve the negotiating capacity in order to stabilize the international market price. The Dahlman Addis, CEO of the International Rubber Alliance • 巴斯亚鲁丁 for farmers and manufacturers, 3-4 U.S. dollars per kilogram of rubber is a reasonable price. International Tripartite Rubber Council, said the economic growth of China and the United States will promote the 2013 rubber prices, the impact of the European debt crisis on rubber prices.

Since August last year by the main rubber producing countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia purchasing and storage, to limit the export plan and the sharp depreciation of the yen led to fundamental factors such as rubber rose, driven, Shanghai rubber experienced a trend of rising prices.

After the Spring Festival, the real estate industry to increase domestic regulation as well as the Federal Reserve may cancel a QE3 guess the internal and external market partial positive macro expected dealt a heavy blow to the bottoming out of the dollar index to guide the rapid decline in commodity markets. On the other hand, in late February, the Thai government said its purchasing and storage mechanism will cease after the end of March, which undoubtedly makes high inventories and weak demand in the spot market even worse, to speed up its prices.

The Thai government recently announced rubber purchase program expires in the end of March not to renew or cause the most direct cause of the rubber lower. With the end of the purchase program as well as the main producing countries have moved into the open cut in the period, while domestic futures, stock unabated, Qingdao Free Trade Zone, the latest inventory is reaching a new high of 355,000 tons for the rubber market outlook cloudy weather.

March, under the influence of too few in peak season demand and output, the natural rubber market will enter a phase of destocking inventory digestion speed of the direct response to changes in demand for the year.However, the slowdown in the automotive market, announced increase in global natural rubber supply situation in 2013 Jiaojia difficult to get out of a strong market.

Operation of the proposed

Should be short rallies.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/13182.html

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