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Continue to hold futures rubber empty single

On the evening of March 1, real estate regulation implementation details of the new national five released after the approval of the State Council.Rules for its implementation, including: two sets of mortgage down payment and interest rates; hand housing transactions strictly according to the difference between the 20% tax; ordinary commodity housing construction projects in more than 70% of the total units to achieve the project development and construction of small and medium-sized condominiums copy number, banking financial institutions priority to support its development loan demand to meet the credit conditions of the premise of three bright spots. Improve the stability of prices of work responsibility, “resolutely curb speculative investment buyers”, “increase the ordinary commodity housing and land supply,” speed up affordable housing projects planning and construction, strengthen market supervision and is expected to manage, “speed up establish and improve the long-term mechanism to guide the healthy development of the real estate market “Six has made a specific explanation.

At the beginning of last week, the most severe since the real estate control policies in 10 years a tremendous impact on the domestic stock market. Fell sharply Monday in the real estate and banking sector, led by the CSI 300 Index fell 123 points, a drop of more than 4.6%. On Tuesday, the stock index has again led by banks, brokerages, and other theme stocks rose 77 points, or more than 3%.

February ADP employment increased by 198,000, higher than market expectations of 170,000, there is a strong positive correlation between the ADP employment data and non-farm report, investors expected payrolls report improved or has been heating up for the The dollar index provides upward momentum, the dollar index continued rising trend since the beginning of February, to continue a downward pressure on the price of domestic goods.

Analysts have been established the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index futures since February 1303 contract as well as rubber 1309 contract held by an empty one, after all, stringent control policies will continue to affect the overall trend of the real estate sector, the CSI 300 Index adjustment trend will continue short term, it will not immediately end the repression of the dollar index for rubber and other industrial products.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/13278.html

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