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Natural Rubber Morning News: March 12, 2013


The Free Trade Zone the rubber high inventory continues to climb as of February 27, Qingdao Free Trade Zone, the stock continued to climb to a record high of 354,900 tons. Among them, 204,300 tons of gum, adhesive, 99,700 tons, 304,000 tons of natural rubber (gum + composite), 50,900 tons of synthetic rubber.

Comments: high inventory continues to rise, the pressure should not be underestimated.

U.S. February auto sales grew 3.7% triple factors driving down the increase, according to Autodata Corp. released data, the U.S. light-vehicle sales in February to 1.19 million, a year-on-year growth of 3.7%, compared with a few months ago, growth is slowing down. The analysts believe that oil prices, winter, and changes in the federal budget is an increase of reasons for the decline, but still optimistic.

Comment: The U.S. auto market growth is slowing down so that short-term market worse.

Japanese raw rubber stock is rising from the lows.

TOCOM ended February 20, the stock of 8,659 tons of natural rubber, the previous period, an increase of 982 tons. Rubber Trade Association of Japan As of February 20, raw rubber stock in Japan totaled 10,942 tons, an increase of 830 tons compared with 10,112 tons in February 10. [Cinda Review: Japan stocks climbed from the low to the Japanese tape pressure.

Feb. heavy truck to drop 49% Jedi the rebound also see March.

January-February 2013, 83,000 more than the same period last year to 116,300 cumulative sales fell by 28.6%, due to the average monthly sales volume of over 40,000 vehicles, the market can really pick up, but also the traditional March and April the peak season.

Comments: Due to the Spring Festival factors as well as the weak end demand, most manufacturers and distributors do not dare lot of equipment inventory, resulting in a decline in production and sales; March peak season to become the focus of market attention.

February natural rubber imports 150,000 tons, decreased by 40%

February natural rubber (including latex) imports 150,000 tons, down 40.0% from the previous month’s 250,000 tons, unchanged from the same period last year. Natural rubber imports in January-February to 400,000 tonnes, representing an increase of 38.4% compared to the same period last year.

Comments: February natural rubber imports to continue to maintain a high level of market inventory digestion pressure remains.

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