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Rubber nearly 23,000 empty but appropriate only profit

Shanghai rubber futures come down substantially in the 12th, the main 1305 contract closed at 23,240 yuan / ton, down 930 yuan. The decline in car sales data for February, Spring Festival of factors dictates. Rubber because of the weakness in the inventory high, after the Spring Festival, rubber 1309 recently maintained after the shock today following the stock market fall plunged keep short ideas proposed 24,000 below, but close to the 23,000 line in the afternoon, the strong support of the line, only the profit may be appropriate to lighten up.

Germany in January after adjusted for working days and seasonal changes in the export growth of 1.4%, an increase of 0.2% in December. According to a Bloomberg News survey of 13 economists had expected growth of 0.5% in value. U.S. Conference Board Employment Trends Index in February increased by 1.1% to 111.14, before the value of the correction from 109.38 to 109.93.

India February natural rubber imports decreased by 61.3% compared to the same period last year, to 9,497 tons. February car sales of approximately 772,000 in 17 countries in Western Europe (including the major developed countries of Northern and Southern Europe), a year-on-year decline of 10.6%.China car sales down 14% in February, the Spring Festival holiday factors dragged down. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers) data released on Monday showed that China’s passenger car and commercial vehicle sales in February totaled 1.35 million, down from 1.57 million in the same period last year.

Prices, Qingdao Free Trade Zone, Thailand, Malay adhesive RMB quoted in 21400-21600 yuan / ton, Thai, Malay # 20 the adhesive price of 2940-2960 U.S. dollars / ton, 3 # smoked rubber small factory in Thailand reported 3040 -3050 U.S. dollars / ton, Thai, Malay 20 # standard plastic Reference Price in the 2940-2960 U.S. dollars / ton, Indonesia 20 # standard rubber spot price in the 2880-2900 U.S. dollars / ton.

Source: http://news.cria.org.cn/4/13338.html

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