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Last week the futures most dramatic varieties: Rubber

Qingdao Free Trade Zone, rubber warehouse fire, warehouse unified security rectification check, triggered a stock sell-off, the spot price sharply lower, dragged on in the downturn of the stock price. The end of March, with the new glue gradually listed supply pressure to return to the market, easing the supply of a foregone conclusion, and on result concern the downstream consumer, February Spring Festival of factors, poor consumption data into March and April, will welcome to traditional heavy truck sales season, if the demand is gradually warmed up, then Hujiao below the space is also limited, but is expected to pick up a limited range, and look forward to it should not be excessively high. Overall, the weak macro fundamentals led Hujiao all the way down, the overall weakness Hujiao yet stronger, does not recommend blindly buy the dips, and at the same time due to a significant weakening of the spot market and the synthetic rubber market, it is expected that the price of natural rubber will be formed repression, due to the pre-oversold short-term Hujiao or rebound, in the long term, however, maintain a bearish ideas.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/13421.html

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