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March 21 butadiene rubber plant dynamic

March 21 butadiene rubber plant dynamic: Shandong Huayu 160,000 tons of butadiene device parking across the board. Qilu Petrochemical 70,000 tons / year butadiene rubber plant production of three lines, the daily output of around 160 tons, it is learned Qilu rubber device Scheme 8 April 2013 shut down for maintenance, about 45 days, will likely affect the production of 3700 tons. The Yanshan Petrochemical 120,000 tons / year butadiene rubber plant running at full capacity, the device initially planned to begin on March 23 for a 20-day processing transformation, this month is expected to impact 2500 tons of butadiene rubber production, may affect the 3000 April – 3500 tons butadiene rubber production.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/39/13505.html

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