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Rubber rose more than 2%

Friday, the domestic commodity futures markets opened higher across the board, silver rose 5.13%, or the top, the Shanghai Gold, rubber, copper rose more than 2%, soybean meal, plastic, PTA and glass of rose more than 1%; fuel, Shanghai lead temporarily No transactions, other varieties or less than 1%. Precious metals promote by buying strong rebound, and the majority of U.S. economic data less than expected, rising risk aversion in the market, the Asian real gold ran out of stock, short-term gold is expected to continue to rebound, concern during the holiday season in New York gold trend, resolutely to leave an empty one. The price of copper has recently accumulated rebound more than 7%, close to May, China spot copper enterprises started to increase procurement, and the EU temporarily stable macroeconomic environment in the near future, concerned about the 52000 line pressure, if a strong break, short-term into long.

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/4/14198.html

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