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Rubber market: risks for provisional release in May or will stabilize

Note: latex raw milk which is equivalent to the standard one. Shanghai rubber futures contract prices in recent months 1305 is the price for delivery in Shanghai in May 15, 2013; major 1309 contract is the most active Shanghai rubber futures contract, the price is the delivery of the September 15, 2013 Price.

Domestically, the rubber-producing areas in Hainan, Guangdong, Yunnan comprehensive open cut. As of Friday this week in full latex rubber market turnover of 3175 tons, concentrated latex turnover of 622 tons, these two varieties of the number of transactions compared with last week, full latex substantial increase in volume the concentrated latex slight increase in the volume. Domestic rubber spot market can still be traded, Qingdao Free Trade Zone Jin Koujiao stock hit a new high, the storage is extremely difficult.

News, HSBC China manufacturing PMI was 50.5 (51.6 in March), the lowest in two months. HSBC said in April the manufacturing run a slight improvement, although remained in expansionary territory, but the rate of expansion is significantly narrowed. Including internal and external needs, including the overall demand slowdown from the previous month, the employment index fell. Expected future policy layer will introduce a series of policies and measures to boost domestic demand and steady growth.

Of HuJiao, Shanghai natural rubber futures on the whole out of the the trend of Xianyihouyang. Hujiao 1309 contract this week relative to the previous trading week, trading volume increased slightly, the positions slightly reduced. Disk up the main shock, the lowest closing price of 18,465 yuan / ton, the highest closing price of 19,135 yuan / ton.

The other hand, the dollar index this week shock consolidation, US-cloth oil shock rise, the Dow Jones index rose shock.

Overall, natural rubber after a period of steep decline in risk can be temporarily released. Processing enterprises benefit, reduce production costs and increase the expected profitability, factory operating rate to a higher level. The new leadership of the Chinese government is preparing the introduction of a new economic policy, in the face of adverse international economic environment, while May is an important nexus time node, it is expected that the government will introduce a series of policies and measures to boost domestic demand and stable growth.

Therefore, the short-term domestic rubber prices are influenced by many factors, natural rubber trend may shock pattern.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/14284.html

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