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Improved domestic economy to push up Shanghai rubber

Friday, Shanghai rubber rose sharply, mainly due to two bullish factors in the domestic market due.

China Index Research Institute released in April 2013 China Real Estate Index System 100 city price index report, the report shows, the first month of the new five countries “Articles floor, 100 cities (New) residential average price of 10,098 yuan / square meter, the chain in March rose 1%, although the rate of increase slowed down but the average price for the first time exceeded 10,000 yuan / square meter mark. The top ten cities (New) north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen residential average price of 17,023 yuan / square meters, which ring up more than 3.11% for the first of the top ten cities. Industry, national house prices are still inertia increases, and control policies around the landing enforcement is small, a second-tier cities housing prices up difficult or easy control more difficult.

After more than a year to the inventory in 2012, the increase in value of inventories proportion of GDP was 1.97%, the lowest since 2005 has, as of February this year, finished goods inventory accounted for only 3.9% of the proportion of the assets of industrial enterprises, of this century since the minimum value. This means that business inventories have dropped to a lower level, continue to the inventory space is limited.

In Therefore, Shanghai rubber by the supporting role and rose.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/20/14312.html

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