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Rubber contrarian limit lighten up the vent to wait

CME copper Friday soared 6.73%, this morning Zengcang low open LME Friday’s close of nearly $ 7 300; crude oil rising; dollar fell back; the Lun sideways, Dow new high.

Spot market the domestic latex spot price: Qingdao 19,100 yuan / ton, Shanghai 19300; 20 # price spot price of the main producing countries: Malay, $ 2,540, $ Thailand 2560, $ 2440 in Indonesia.

 Thai government executive said on Friday that Thailand is currently considering measures to limit the export of rubber would not be renewed after the expiration on May 31, by these measures failed to boost rubber prices. In 2012, the three countries agree on rubber exports by 30 million tons, equivalent to 3% of global production. This initiative has short-term boost rubber prices, but did not last long. Indonesia and Malaysia in March this year after the expiration of a waiver of such measures, Thailand extended to May 31.

U.S. April non-farm payrolls increased 165K, 140K is expected to increase; unemployment rate of 7,5%, hitting a 4-year low, and is expected to be 7.6%. The labor force participation rate was 63.3%, unchanged from last month, is still at its lowest level since 1979.

Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd., recently announced a quarterly performance report shows that the natural rubber prices continued to fall, after deducting non-recurring gains and losses net loss of 22.152 million yuan.

Japan and the UK financial markets are closed.

September glue on Friday contrarian lighten up the daily limit, the volume hit enter a new low of 10,000 times. Friday by positive U.S. data, Copper jumped 6.3%, a record high volume, positions fell slightly, while the dollar finished lower gold sideways the British closed today morning CME copper to open lower, outer disk only crude oil and London copper exhibits a strong rise in copper prices continuing to be seen. Now domestic Qingdao returns area natural rubber continued high, the main producing countries in May by the part of the open-cut cut open into full focus on listing new international rubber market, domestic natural rubber, natural rubber export restrictions due to pre-Thailand failed to effectively boost rubber prices but the market is flat, will expire at the end of this month to consider is not to limit the export of natural rubber, the latter part of the international market supply pressure. Taking into account the Friday market bulls strong, soaring copper prices overnight, morning CME copper through Friday’s high short-term short take shelter in its cutting edge, waiting for high vent.

Strategy: this will open higher, around 20,000 or compete for pre-admission in the 19500 10% more than a single stop, around 20,000 below the 20,000 should have to compete for funds waiting for the high and weak vent.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/14318.html

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