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India: Mixed trend in spot rubber


Spot rubber prices were mixed on Monday.

The undercurrent was partially bullish following a rebound in the domestic futures on the National Multi Commodity Exchange.

Meanwhile, ISNR 20 lost strength on low demand while the remaining counters were almost steady in a comparatively dull trading session.

Sheet rubber improved to Rs 169 (Rs 168.50) a kg, according to traders.

The grade closed unchanged at Rs 169 both at Kottayam and Kochi, as quoted by the Rubber Board.

The June futures recovered to Rs 169.10 (Rs 166.43), July to Rs 167.25 (Rs 164.11), August to Rs 164.50 (Rs 162.09), September to Rs 162.75 (Rs 161.50) and October to Rs 162.20 (Rs 160.54) on the NMCE.

RSS 3 (spot) declined to Rs 165.94 (Rs 171.26) at Bangkok. The June futures closed to ¥247.5 (Rs 139.82) on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange.

Spot rubber rates Rs/kg were: RSS-4: 169.00 (168.50); RSS-5: 165 (165); Ungraded: 156 (156); ISNR 20: 156 (157) and Latex 60%: 108 (108).

Source: Búiness

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