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Rubber at a distinct decline


1. Spot market: the impact of futures plunged, the spot market in Thailand, Malaysia adhesive quoted at 16,600 yuan RMB / ton, Malaysia and Thailand on the 20th spot with standard rubber compound 2300-2330 U.S. dollars / ton offer, Thailand 3 No smoke film spot at 2620-2630 U.S. dollars / ton, Thailand, Malaysia, the 20th standard rubber spot price 2300-2330 U.S. dollars / ton, Indonesia on the 20th standard rubber spot price at $ 2,290 / ton. Futures sharply lower, offer spot market decline, trading atmosphere light.

2, According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics, in May 2013, car sales chain declined year on year to continue to maintain steady growth. January to May, an increase vehicle production improved slightly over the previous April, sales growth slowed slightly. In March sales reached the highest value since the beginning of April and May, although the chain was a certain decline, but remained stable YoY growth is expected in the first half car sales will continue to maintain 10% growth in overall better than expected early next year. May, automobile production 1,780,500, a decline of 6.27%, an increase of 13.52%; sales 1,761,500, a decline of 4.36%, an increase of 9.81%. January to May, car sales 9,077,200 and 9,028,100, an increase of 13.49% and 12.56%.

Market Review

Yesterday, during the holiday season by weak external macroeconomic impact Shanghai rubber Tiaokongdikai in 17800, opening soon touch the high point of the shock during the 18080, and then diving in the stock index opened sharply, driven by Shanghai rubber all the way down to a low of 17,560 punch and then remain weak consolidation, late to close at 17750, 11058 days Masukura hand to 202,376 hands.

Operation Policy

In the short-term market: by external negative pressure, Shanghai rubber still apparent weakness, the market suffered a severe blow to confidence in the short term short power strong downward trend is expected to remain. But the downside is shrinking, the bulls will be ready in the low, may follow after falling into a weak macroeconomic shocks, operation, continue to hold an empty one, should not blindly chasing empty grab much.

Of arbitrage: futures fell sharply, spot smaller decline Shanghai rubber Jiaojia deficit with the U.S. dollar as the standard 1285, with smoked rubber spread is -3670. Shanghai rubber can consider a gradual decline during the current level of sales, profit taking, waiting spreads widen after admission.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/15087.html

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