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Yokohama releases large-size radial tire

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd.  has released a large-size radial tire for rigid dump trucks in the construction and mining field, a 27.00R49 size model of its RB42 tire.

The lineup features “Regular” specifications for ordinary off-the-road surfaces and “Cut Protected” specifications with excellent cut resistance, according to Yokohama. The lineup providse options for a wide range of surfaces, from soft or loose surfaces such as mud or sand, to rough surfaces comprising gravel and rocks.

The RB42 features a new belt structure for large-size radial tires and a specialized mold profile. In addition, the RB42 uses an exclusive tread compound newly developed for large-size radial tires. The company says the features offer excellent wear resistance, cut resistance and durability. The tire’s block tread pattern balances wear resistance, traction and efficient mud ejection.

Yokohama says the global production of mineral resources is intensifying, leading to increasing demand for large- and ultra-large radial tires. The company intends to expand its presence in the mineral resources development sector.

Source: moderntiredealer.com

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