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China: Rubber market situation from June 24 to June 28

June 24 to 28, the domestic natural rubber futures market fell Shaghai rubber vulnerable, affected, spot market prices continue to decline, the weak pattern continues. As downstream demand is still sluggish, spot prices continue dropping, the market price decline.

 Market in sales areas, Yunnan and Hainan producing full latex SCRWF price 16800 yuan ~ 17,300 yuan / ton, the current market sentiment is still strong downstream to sporadic procurement. Small business inventory spot market, the market traded atmosphere remains in the doldrums, trading volume in general.

 Domestic market sales areas full latex SCRWF prices: North China: Tianjin market 17,000 yuan ~ 17,600 yuan / ton, Hengshui market 17,200 yuan ~ 17,700 yuan / ton; East China: Shanghai 16,800 yuan ~ 17,500 yuan / ton, 16,800 yuan Hangzhou market ~ 17,600 yuan / ton, 16,800 yuan in Qingdao market ~ 17,600 yuan / ton; Northeast China: Shenyang market 17,300 yuan ~ 17,700 yuan / ton.

Outlook forecast: normal supply of domestic natural rubber producing areas, the market demand has not significantly improved, bonded inventories remain high, difficult short-term changes in market demand, watching the market sentiment is still strong, is expected to post weak fundamentals continue, do not rule out continued to go down.

Translated by Google Translator from  http://market.cria.org.cn/17/15385.html

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