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India: Spot rubber gains on supply woes


Physical rubber prices made a smart comeback on Tuesday. Sharp gains in domestic futures and the absence of genuine sellers in the local markets kept the traders visibly active during the day. Supply concerns due to sustained rains catalysed the sentiments further. The trend was partially mixed.

Sheet rubber flared up Rs 184.50 (Rs 181.50) a kg according to traders. The grade improved to Rs 184 (Rs 181), according to the Rubber Board.

RSS 4 July futures improved sharply to Rs 192.50 (Rs 187.61), August to Rs 187.20 (Rs 183.25), September to Rs 180.65 (Rs 177.81), October to Rs 176.50 (Rs 172.18), November to Rs 174.15 (Rs 170.61) and December to Rs 175.25 (Rs 170.70) on the National Multi Commodity Exchange.

RSS 3 (spot) weakened to Rs 161.28 (Rs 163.74) at Bangkok. July futures bounced back to ¥ 240.0 (Rs.143.42) from ¥ 232.6 on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange.

Spot rubber rates Rs/kg : RSS-4: 184.50 (181.50); RSS-5: 176 (175); Ungraded: 167 (165); ISNR 20: 167.50 (164.50) and Latex 60%: 132.50 (132.50).

Source: Business Line

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