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TPC Group nominates Sep US butadiene CP at rollover of 40 cents/lb

TPC Group was heard nominating its September US butadiene contract price at a rollover from August at 40 cents/lb ($882/mt), sources said Thursday.

TPC Group was unavailable to confirm the nomination.

Market expectations have been for a rollover to slightly higher September US butadiene contract price, due to a recent rise in US spot butadiene prices.

US spot butadiene was last assessed at 44 cents/lb CIF US Gulf Coast Friday.

Market sources have continued to characterize demand as weak, while supply has been heard tighter.

ExxonMobil was heard to have nominated its September US butadiene contract price at a rollover from August at 47 cents/lb ($1,036/mt), sources said Monday.

ExxonMobil spokeswoman Margaret Ross declined comment on the nomination, as it is ExxonMobil’s practice not to comment on prices.

The other two producers — LyondellBasell and Shell Chemical — have not nominated for September contracts, sources said.

The August US butadiene contract price settled 26 cents lower than July at a 40-47 cents/lb split settlement, with Shell Chemical and TPC Group at 40 cents/lb, LyondellBasell at 46 cents/lb and ExxonMobil at 47 cents/lb, sources said.

Producer confirmation on the August settlement was unavailable.

Spurce: platts.com

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